Become a MOVCW Affiliate

The annual MOV Christian Walk has many great opportunities to get exposure to your brand, businesss, or organization. These opportunities include both electronic and various forms of physical/print. See below for a list of potential exposures. These exposure opportunities are not a complete list and various aspects can be customized to fit your specific needs.

If you choose to contact us about any of these plans we can provide you with accurate statistics of past anual Christian Walks and a 5 year growth plan that shows where we are going. This will allow you to know if your advertising dollars will be well spent now and in the future. Our current pricing is set up year by year but locking in now will allow you to lock in this year's price for the next 5 years.

Many electronic advertising opportunities exist when you become an affiliate of the MOVCW. This website serves as our home and main source of information flow about the event. This website is 100% mobile friendly across all devices and your ad with us would be no exception.

If you have a website or social media page your ad will be a direct link to your page. We even have the ability to do custom query strings so that you can track the click-through-rate that your ad on this site provides.

Various sizing and juxtoposition of advertisements are available for this type of media so please contact us with what you have in mind.

This print opportunity refers specifically to portion of the event where we physically walk the streets. This is by far and large our best print exposure opportunity as this is not only exposure to members of the event but this is exposure to a large portion of the town.

We have a preplanned route through our home city that maximizes our exposure. Afterall, we want to demonstrate our cause to the maximum amount of people possible. If you are interested we can provide an interactive map so you can see and estimate exactly how much exposure your brand will get.

There is a lead truck that generally contains a loud speaker with music and a MC. This truck/pull-behind is outfitted with various banners already advertising the walk and what we are about. What better place to advertise than to all the walk members plus a very large portion of the town at once? That is why this is our best print advertising opportunity.

Please contact us here to learn more or participate in this type of advertising.

At the completion of the aforementioned walking portion we return to the place where it kicked off. Here we have live music, special speaking, food, games/events, etc. This advertising opportunity does not have quite as much exposure as the walking portion because this will manly be advertising to the walk members vs the general public.

This is still a great exposure opportunity though as there are various sizes, styles, and methods of advertising at this portion of the event. Contact us here to learn how you can partake in this great opportunity.

This is one of our most exciting advertising opportunities and potentially our largest. Every single year since the conception we have had an anual t-shirt that attendees could order and wear during the walk. We went out of our way each year to ensure this was a shirt in which attendees would want to wear in their daily life after the walk was over. We have been rather succesful as shirts from the very first Christian Walk still float around. People wear each year's shirt with pride and in a way the Christian Walk lives on throughout the year due to this.

Join this great opportunity and get exposure to your brand by simply sponsoring these t-shirts. This is exposure that will continue long after the walk. If we had sponsors for the first t-shirt the sponsor would still be getting advertising 7 years later.

Please contact us here to learn more or secure the t-shirt sponsorship position now.

From sponsoring the after show food to product giveaways, this opportunity will get your product infront of attendees of this event. This will most likely take place during the after show but there could be potential opportunities during the walk itself. Click here to contact us about opportunities in this area of advertising.